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Database Logging for Stored Procedures and Triggers in SQL Server 2005 and up (tested only on MS SQL Server 2005 and 2008). Seamless integration into existing Log4Net environments. Ability to set separate, independent log-levels on a per Procedure/Trigger basis. Inspired by LOG4PL/SQL.

Log4TSQL creates a set of Stored Procedures for database logging in MS SQL Server. You can perform logging from everywhere within your Stored Procedures and Triggers. This logging-framework can either be integrated into your existing Log4Net environment or it can be used solely for independent database logging.

Please refer to the Log4TSQL Developer's Manual (see download package) for initial setup and refer to the included example-file prc_Log4TSQL_Example.sql to examine how to use Raycoon Log4TSQL in your own Stored Procedures and Triggers.

Measured real-life-performance on my laptop: Up to 30 log-entries per millisecond.

This release contains important improvements regarding performance. Robustness and fault tolerance is already tested in production environment. Still there might be problems due to my recent adaptions, therefore it has beta status.

Thank you for your interest in Raycoon Log4TSQL!
- Daniel Pavic, Germany

UPDATE: This Project is not maintained anymore but available for download and / or modification for your own needs (MIT-License). The Documentation will not be updated - even though it's quite good you might find room for improvement.

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